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Tangular Barnes

Tangular Barnes, PMHNP-BC, FNP-BC, is a dual-certified Psychiatric and Family Nurse Practitioner, bringing a wealth of expertise to Premier Professional Counseling Services. Her comprehensive approach to mental health care is a cornerstone of our expanded services.


With a master’s degree in nursing from Walden University and specialized certification in Psychiatric Mental Health from the University of Southern Mississippi, Tangular integrates a profound clinical understanding with a compassionate, patient-centered approach. Her robust educational foundation enables her to conduct thorough mental health assessments, develop personalized treatment plans, and manage complex medication needs effectively.


Services Offered:

- Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessments: Meticulously evaluates mental health conditions to ensure accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment plans.

- Tailored Treatment Plans: Designs personalized care strategies that address individual needs, promoting long-term wellness and recovery.

- Advanced Medication Management: Applies her extensive pharmacological knowledge to optimize therapeutic outcomes for each patient.

- Educational Empowerment: Empowers patients with detailed information about their conditions, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions about their treatment options.

- Crisis Intervention: Expertly manages acute psychiatric episodes, providing immediate and effective interventions.


Tangular is deeply committed to mental health advocacy and upholds the highest standards of care in her practice. Her empathetic nature and clinical expertise are vital in helping patients navigate their path to mental wellness.


Tangular’s role at Premier Professional is instrumental in enhancing our capabilities to deliver holistic mental health support to our community.

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