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Heather Miles

Heather Miles serves as our dedicated Billing/Insurance Specialist, bringing a wealth of expertise and precision to her role. As a certified medical biller/coder, Heather's proficiency in navigating the complexities of medical billing and insurance is invaluable to our team.

Armed with an Associate's Degree from Southwest Mississippi Community College, Heather's background is rich with experience, including several years in billing roles and a track record of success in supervisory positions within medical billing. This experience has honed her skills in both the technical and managerial aspects of her field.

Heather is committed to processing claims with the utmost accuracy, ensuring that our clients face no unnecessary hurdles in their billing and insurance matters. Her attentiveness to billing concerns and deep knowledge of insurance intricacies make her a reliable and indispensable asset to both the team and our clients.

Outside the office, Heather cherishes the time spent creating lasting memories with her family and friends. Her ability to balance a demanding career with a fulfilling personal life exemplifies her dedication and passion both in and out of the workplace.

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