Clinical Social Work Supervision can be defined as the process by which a "supervisee" gains the knowledge and access to tools needed (through mentoring, coaching, education, and management techniques) to obtain the opportunity to succeed as a social worker in the community at large and in keeping with the Mississippi State requirements needed to obtain an active, current, and legal LCSW Mississippi state social worker license.


We offer both Individual Supervision and Group Supervision. It is hoped that regular supervision will propel in the development of one’s own practice approach as they grow in their competence and practice approaches and style.

Individual supervision can be tailored to meet your individual needs with regards to scheduling and  supervision hours each month.

Group supervision meetings are a convenient and economical option for social workers seeking supervision toward licensure. Group hours can count toward your supervision hours required to earn your LCSW.

Group size is limited so early registration is encouraged. We are currently accepting individuals and group members for supervision. 
Materials are included in the cost.

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